The paradox of mathematics


Using Physics to Fix & Rebuild


Intersection between Code and Justice

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Hi! My name is Colette Fisher and I am a junior in high school (now a senior) enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Program. I'm an aspiring engineer with a deep interest in math and physics, but also philosophy and ethics. I'm using this space to explore different problems and projects I've encountered either academically or for fun and attempt to solve them using mathematics, physics, and coding. This blog is my way of not only logging and tracking the evolution my progress but also to share my genuine interest for the topics. Many of the problems I discuss are large-scale and complex. This is not to say they are unsolvable, but the conclusions I will come to find are only the first steps to the solution. I hope that by exploring my page, you'll come to see the real-world applications of math and science in problem-solving that help us understand the world we live in.

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